Men's Human Rights Movement

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The phrase Men's Human Rights Movement (MHRM) was introduced in January 2013 as an extension of the older phrase Men's Rights Movement (MRM).[1][2]

In the past the MRM was incorrectly portrayed by feminist-inspired critics to be a "male chauvinist" enterprise, with the falsehood generated by individuals who had not adequately investigated the aims of the movement.[3] The addition of the word human better qualifies that the rights being sought are human rights as differentiated from "patriarchal" or other rights.

The sense intended by human rights is not identical to the human rights referred to in legal philosophies and international law, but refers to the more general recognition that men are sentient human beings instead of emotionless machines or disposable objects; that men deserve the logical and moral right to be viewed as more than objects of utility. This usage comes from the earlier use of human rights than the version later used in international law, although there is much overlap.[4][5][6]

The MHRM's increased focus on inclusiveness and human rights forms the basis of what is considered a second wave of the men's movement.[2][1]

A Men's Human Rights Advocate/Activist (MHRA) refers to any individual involved in self-advocacy or group-advocacy for male human rights.[7][8]