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All contributors, including administrators, must adhere to these official AVfM Reference Wiki policies at all times. That is non-negotiable, however discussion of problems, issues and suggestions relating to site policy is welcomed on the relevant talk page (or this talk page for general policy matters). Administration reserves the right to review and amend policy as required.

The following list of policies is not exhaustive legislation defining what is acceptable and what is not. Use common sense when facing a question that is not dealt with directly here. Much of this policy is derived from Wikipedia's corpus of policy, therefore much of what applies to Wikipedia will probably work (where not explicitly contradicted) here.

Content standards

AVfM Reference Wiki is not a general-purpose wiki, a support group, nor is it a blog. It is neither the place for essays, polemic, demagoguery, editorials, nor venting — it is a reference library. To maximise the usefulness (and its chances of success), the following policies apply to content:

Conduct standards

Every contributor is likely to have a slightly (or sometimes radically) different take on a particular subject. Some ideas are better than others, at other times, reasonable minds may differ. It is therefore critical that all editors be mindful of the following conduct policies: