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Except where otherwise specified, content on the AVfM Reference Wiki is © 2018 A Voice for Men. It is a condition of submitting content to the wiki that you assign copyright for your contribution to A Voice for Men, and the act of clicking Save page constitutes active consent to this condition. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, please do not contribute content.

The reason for this stipulation is so that A Voice for Men is not obliged to contact (if that were even possible) every contributor individually should there be an unforeseen need to change (for example) the licensing conditions associated with content.


Except where otherwise specified, content on the AVfM Reference Wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike licence, currently version 3.0. It is a condition of submitting content to the wiki that, where the content is your own work, you agree that the content will be released under this licence.

Reusing content

Where the content is not your own work, it must either be public domain or, where copyright is retained by a third party, the copyright holder has granted both you and A Voice for Men an irrevocable, non-exclusive licence to host that content. Do not submit copyrighted content without permission.

Any content governed by a free licence (such as the Creative Commons or GNU Free Documentation Licence) may implicitly carry that permission, but beware: not all CC licences are compatible with the CC-BY-SA licence employed on this site. For example, CC-BY-NC-SA is probably not compatible, and you should obtain permission from the copyright holder to reuse it here. Most free licences require attribution, and it is your responsibility to comply with the conditions of the licence governing the material you are using. For convenience, use the template {{WP attribution}} for material sourced from Wikipedia.

Commercial use

The terms of the CC-BY-SA licence do not prohibit commercial use, but we request any for-profit publishers to do us the courtesy of asking us for consent before they use our content. Consent will almost certainly be given (where we have the right to consent).

There are two reasons for our choice not to use CC-BY-NC-SA. The practical reason is that this licence is not compatible with Wikipedia's content licence and therefore complicates the re-use of Wikipedia content here. Wikipedia is likely to be used as a source, both by us and our contributors, so it is in everybody's interests to make that as pain-free as possible.

The technical reason for not using CC-BY-NC-SA is that it is unclear to what extent the NC condition is meaningful[1] (esr points out that there is no legal bright-line test for what constitutes commercial use) and, if so, how. We feel that it is better to have clarity and avoid ambiguity where it comes to legal rights and obligations.

Notwithstanding, we ask commercial publishers to respect our request that they obtain consent before using content from AVfM Reference Wiki.


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