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The purpose of the A Voice for Men Reference wiki is to provide a repository for information, studies, and research helpful to Men's Rights Activists in making their case to the general public, and to help the general public understand where we are coming from, with a focus on facts and terminology.

The wiki operates under the umbrella of A Voice for Men, LLC, but is editorially independent from the A Voice for Men publication and its Editorial Board.


We welcome and encourage contributions from Men's Rights Activists and those affiliated with the Men's Rights Movement. In order to do so, you will need to create an account and request edit permissions. Doing so indicates your agreement to comply with editorial policy and copyright policy.

We also welcome dissenting views and alternative interpretations on talk pages only (account required) and provided they are kept on topic (directly relevant to the associated article page) and civil. Non-compliant posts will summarily be deleted and those responsible will be blocked per policy.

Share and enjoy!