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In order for material to appear anywhere on AVfM Reference Wiki, it is not sufficient for material to be verifiably true, it also must be relevant both to the specific article (or talk page) in which it appears, and to the wiki as a whole, which is to say, consistent with the foregoing mission statement.

For example, one reason biographies aren't permitted here is that even when indisputably true, the most they can achieve is to establish some fact about a particular individual; and the beliefs and practices of an individual don't meaningfully extrapolate to the beliefs and practices of other individuals, or even to the conduct of the groups (and other members of those groups) to which they belong.

Subject relevance to an article

Individual articles should stay focused on a small number of topics for ease of reading and navigation. An article dense with information that is only tenuously connected to its subject does little to inform readers about that subject. To maintain relevance, it is important that the focus of each article remains on its main subject. Material of high to moderate relevance is welcome. Material that is weakly relevant should be added only if it supports the broader case being made, and irrelevant should not be added. If unsure of the relevance of a particular subject, seek consensus on the article discussion page.

Subject relevance to the wiki

AVfM Reference Wiki is not a general-purpose wiki, a support group, nor is it a blog. It is neither the place for essays, polemic, demagoguery, editorials, nor venting — it is a reference library, and all material must be relevant to the scope and intention described by its stated aims and goals.