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A Voice for Men Reference Wiki implements a seven-tier security model:

can only read and create new accounts;
can edit talk pages and their own User: page;
can edit articles in the main wiki;
additionally, can create, move articles, upload images and manage categories;
are junior administrators and have most of the privileges of admin except block.
have full editorial control, including Template:, Help: and the policy space AVfM:; also the usual administrative functions (block users, manage page protection and the abuse filters);
can manage account permissions and access CheckUser logs.

Requesting permissions

If you want to contribute to AVfM wiki articles, please review our editorial and copyright policies, create an account (if you haven't already). Then, edit your User: page to add the following:

  • template {{request activist access}}. An admin will acknowledge your request by editing the template with their decision;
  • a brief summary of what contribution you would like to make. Your request will be declined without this information;
  • if you have been active elsewhere in MRM circles (eg youtube, forums, etc), include a link to your activity.

Do not vary the template — it must appear exactly as shown, or your request will probably not be noticed. It must appear, for example, as:

{{request activist access}}
I know of some useful and relevant studies about domestic violence.
My youtube channel is http://youtube.com/User/AwesomeMRA.