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While primarily intended for men's rights activists, AVfM Reference Wiki welcomes contributions both from those neutral and opposed to the MHRM's goals. All contributions, whether from MRAs or feminists and on whatever subject, must comply with site policy, in particular:

Since dissenting views are very likely to generate conflict, respectfulness is of paramount importance. You are not expected to respect views to which you are opposed, but you are expected to respect persons with whom you engage while on this site.

Note that opinion and speculation are not permitted in mainspace articles because those are not verifiable, but respectful debate is permitted in talk pages. This applies to all editors, irrespective of their positions on contentious subjects.

If such an argument is getting heated, consider backing off. Engage in the dispute resolution procedure if you must, but vexatious requests for admin attention constitutes disruptive editing, and will eventually lead to a block.