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Blocking a user is Administration's last line of defence against misconduct on AVfM Reference Wiki and is not done lightly. This page describes some of the circumstances in which a block will be imposed. Note that Admin decisions are final. Appeals may be entertained, but Admin is not obliged to hear them. If you want to appeal a block, read this and make your case.

Grounds for block

No user who adheres to the spirit (not just the letter) of site policy will be blocked, especially not for expressing unpopular or dissenting views (provided it is done politely).

Note that site policy is not comprehensive, and probably never will be. There is a connection between the comprehensiveness and quantity of policy and wikilawyering. We will try to be as clear and concise about the really important stuff, but there is also a balance to strike between inclusiveness and practicality. Administration reserves the right to review and amend policy as situations emerge and demand.

The lack of policy on a particular subject is not licence to behave or engage in that activity. We do not yet have a harassment policy, for example, but it should be clear that Administration will not tolerate harassment in any form on AVfM Reference Wiki. If you really need a description of what harassment is, Wikipedia's harassment policy is a good place to start.

Summary blocking

Admin will try to warn you when your conduct is heading towards a block, but certain actions will result in you being summarily blocked, that is, blocked without warning:

  • Obviously spammy pages posted by newly created accounts (especially when those accounts haven't demonstrated by their behaviour that they are human);
  • Grossly disruptive editing;
  • Gross incivility (including threats to person) towards another editor (especially an admin and especially in response to earlier administrative action);
  • An egregious case of libel, other form of victimisation, or indecent material;
  • Vandalism;
  • Dox dropping;
  • Sock accounts, including an apparently compromised (but otherwise legitimate) account;
  • Inappropriate usernames.

Policy violations

Policy violations will usually result in a warning, then a short ban, then a long (or permanent) ban.

Duration guidelines

These are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. The duration for a block is ultimately at the discretion of the administrator imposing the block.

  • Minor infractions that are first-offences will usually result in a 24-hour block;
    • Repeated minor infractions will result in a longer block, such as one week;
  • Major, first-offence infractions will result in at least a one-week ban;
    • Repeated major infractions will usually result in a ban of one month or more, but can result in permanent bans where indicated.

Appealing a block

If you have been blocked for specific activity —
(in which case, the blocking admin will have put something on your talk page to explain the block.) In some cases, the best option is just to wait out the duration of the block. If you must get the block reversed, the only permitted mechanism for appealing a block is to make your case on your your talk page. Do not abuse this (or any other means of contacting admin), or your ability to edit your talk page will be revoked — at which point there is pretty much no mechanism to communicate with anybody who is in a position to help you.
If you find you've been blocked without cause (shortly after making your account) —
It is likely that your account has been mistaken for a spammer. This more likely to happen if you sign up amongst a bunch of other known spammy accounts. Politely post on your talk page explaining the situation. It is more likely that you'll be unblocked if you provide a bit of information about yourself in the message.
If you can't even create an account —
It is probable that you're the unfortunate collateral damage of a real spammer. There isn't much you can do but come back later and see if the block has been lifted. If that's you, we're truly sorry: it is a regrettable fact of modern internet life that spammers are rife and hard to control.